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Why is İnsta Followers® Safe for You? 🔐

We know how important security is to your account. That's why we never ask for your password - so you won't have to log in with your Insta credentials.

We never ask for your Insta password, so your account cannot be hacked or abused in any way.

You don't need to fill out any questionnaires or save your phone number on any strange service. Claim your free followers without any hassle.

All data you provide is securely encrypted on our private cloud servers. It uses SHA-256 encryption for each of our users, your information is automatically deleted from the server after follower operation.

We do not work with third parties, it sends followers entirely through our own systems. Unlike other free growth tools, we do not sell or disclose your data to any other company. We don't want your password anyway :)


Frequently asked Questions

You can access a similar network of users using İnsta Followers®. You follow each other according to the interests you choose. And you always have more followers than you give. It's that simple!

When you sign up, you will be asked to add your interests. From there, your username will be listed on another Insta network with similar interests.

Our networks have been created to provide you with the best and fastest service. You can bet your uploads will be at the top for your Insta hashtags that will grab the attention of hundreds of new and genuine likes, followers, and images!

We give a user permission to follow up to 5000 people per day. This means you can follow up to 150000 free followers per month from IG Followers®.

Why IG Followers® is Free?

We are tired of using these apps trying to get our login information for our own Insta accounts. We are also tired of these free tools that encourage us to get followers.

So we built our own followers network from our friends! We run a few more businesses, so we decided to release this for everyone.

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